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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the name of the project?
    The Rise at Monterrazas
  • Where is the project located?
    Monterrazas de Cebu, Brgy. Guadalupe, Cebu City
  • Who is the developer of the project?
    The Mont Property Group (formerly Genvi Dev’t Corp.), a subsidiary of 8990 Holdings, Inc.
  • Who designed the project?
    LLG Architects/ Engr. Slater Young
  • How many villas will there be?
    146 Villas
  • How many villas per floor?
    7 villas for 5th floor 12 to 15 villas for 6th to 18th floors 5 villas for 19th floor
  • What’s the floor area range of 3BR villas?
    approx. 255.75 sqm - 549 sqm (total indoor and outdoor area)
  • What’s the floor area range of Loft villas?
    approx. 246 sqm - 463 sqm (total indoor and outdoor area)
  • What’s the floor area range of Bi-level Pool villas?
    approx. 419 sqm - 530 sqm (total indoor and outdoor area)
  • What’s the total floor area of the Panorama Penthouse?
    approx. 1,900 sqm (total indoor and outdoor area)
  • Will all villas have outdoor areas?
    Yes, all villas will have outdoor areas.
  • What’s the height of the fence in between villas?
    2.1 meters
  • Where are the parking slots located?
    Parking slots are located in 7 floors: Podium floors (Podiums 1 to 3) Main lobby floor 5th floor, 18th floor, & 19th floo
  • What’s the total number of parking slots?
    398 slots: 391 allocated parking slots 7 PWD parking
  • How many parking slots are allocated per villa type?
    2BR & 3BR villas - 2 appurtenant parking slots Loft & Bi-level Pool villas - 3 appurtenant parking slots Panorama Penthouse - 10 appurtenant parking slots
  • How many parking slots can each villa owner purchase in addition to the allocated parking slots?
    Parking slots for purchase are subject to availability.
  • What’s the area size range of the parking slots?
    approx. 12.5sqm to 18.5sqm
  • Are there storage spaces available for villa owners?
    1 storage space is allocated per villa
  • What’s the area range size of the storage spaces?
    approx. 20.5sqm to 45.75sqm
  • What are the building features of The Rise?
    Lobby lounge & Concierge Boardrooms 6 inclined lifts & 5 vertical lifts Garbage room per floor Driver’s Lounge with overnight quarters Administration Office Mailbox 24-hour security & building maintenance 100% back-up power CCTV system Materials recovery facility Carwash bay Fire detection and alarm system Proximity card access Motorcourt Sustainable Features: Rainwater irrigation system Rainwater catchment Solar-supplemented amenities Provision for EV charging (for each parking slot) Approx. 1 hectare of abundant landscaping Amenities Pool (Adult & Kiddie-pool) Pool bar lounge Function Hall Gym Sauna & Toilet
  • Where are the amenities located?
    9th floor
  • Will landscaping be included in the turnover?
    Yes. Maintenance will be by the villa owner as set forth in the Master Deed of Restrictions and House Rules.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Yes, household pets are allowed subject to the restrictions set forth in the Master Deed of Restrictions and House Rules.
  • What are the requirements to reserve a villa?
    2 Gov’t-issued valid IDs Payment of Reservation fee of Php500k Signed Reservation Agreement
  • When is the turnover of villas?
    Turnover is estimated to be in 2028.
  • How much are the condominium dues?
    Condominium dues will be computed at the time of conveyance based on the formula stated in the Master Deed
  • How are the villas priced?
    The villa is sold at the lump sum price hereunder stipulated and any discrepancy in the area of the villa indicated in this Contract or in the brochures and/or price list for the villa shall not serve or operate to increase or decrease the lump sum price herein stipulated.

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